Squirrels In The Attic

You may be wondering, “What is the big deal about having squirrels in the attic? They are too small to do much damage. What is wrong with sharing the same building with nature, after all, we took away their home.” While the charitable attitude towards our fellow creatures is admirable, we would like to point out that allowing squirrels to remain in the attic is a bad idea. In fact, we would say that allowing squirrels to stay anywhere in your building is a bad idea.

Here’s why. Squirrels, while they are cute and enjoyable to watch, are members of the rodent family. What that means is that like mice and rats, squirrels gnaw. Squirrels chew into your fascia board allowing heat out and water in. They also can bite your electrical wires raising the risk for an electrical fire. Finally, they will damage your insulation thereby increasing your homes heating and cooling bills.

Call virginiawildlifecontrol.com today for a wildlife pest inspection at 703-520-5868. If you do have squirrels, we can discuss options on removing them safely.

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