The importance of squirrel removal for your health

There is a substantial difference between a pet-friendly animal and the wildlife that may have chosen to live within your property. Your pet will become your friend and depend upon you for food and water. Wildlife will bring danger and disease and must be safely removed from your property by our wildlife control in Loudoun County.

The damage caused to your property by squirrels is considerable. They enjoy chewing and will choose your cables, security and electrical systems as perfect munching opportunities. They like chewing through air conditioning, and they may create fire hazards after chewing through these systems or blocking your vents with their new nesting areas.

Squirrel feces and urine can present you with a dangerous bacterial and fungal disease that may spread around your property in the air and as they move around. You will need our professional experience with wildlife control in Loudoun County to remove the squirrel feces. The bacteria in the air and the round worm in the feces can cause severe illness to humans. Our knowledgeable employees will wear respirators; such is the potential respiratory issues that may follow.

When are squirrels most lively?

You will expect to see more squirrels during the spring and the fall. This is their mating season, and because the weather is generally warmer, squirrels will be busy which is why they cause so many problems for property owners. Nevertheless, we can often become busy removing squirrels humanely during other times of the year within our wildlife control in Loudoun County.

They will happily invade your property at any time of the year. Given the time and opportunity, they will chew through a wide range of building materials to enter your home.

They prefer to find an existing opening within your property, preferably along the roofline, so they are away from the humans and most activity. They are looking for somewhere safe to sleep, give birth and raise a family.

They are experts at finding any small hole around your roof overhangs and any damaged vent openings. This provides them with great access to your attic and a carefully insulated new home. We can help you seal all access to squirrels from your property.

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