Tips For Removing Dead Animals From Your Property

Dead animals have been known to inhabit many homes, especially homes that are in the country. The biggest problem for most people is actually finding the dead animal after the smell presents itself. The best thing you can do in this situation is call in someone to perform dead animal removal in Fredericksburg, VA for you so that you don’t have to mess with it. Remember, dead animals not only cause an awful stink, but they can also cause sickness and diseases that your family doesn’t want to have to deal with. Read on below for some tips for finding and removing dead animals from your property and home.

Most common dead animals

There are a few animals that are most common when it comes to dying on people’s property. These animals are listed below.

  • Rats and squirrels dying in the attic
  • Raccoons and opossums dying under the house
  • Rats and Mice dying in the walls
  • Any other type of animal dying somewhere in the yard

Follow that smell

The biggest thing to do when searching for a dead animal on your property is to follow the smell. Once an animal has been dead for a couple of days, the smell becomes almost unbearable and should be easy to find. If you are having problems finding the animal, even with following your nose, it’s best to call in someone for animal removal in Dale City, Va.

Always use gloves

Never, ever pick up a dead animal with your bare hands. They carry diseases and sicknesses that can harm you and your family. It is best to wear jeans, gloves, and long sleeves when taking out and burying any type of dead animal, just to be safe. Make sure that you bury the animal somewhere where the family pet can’t dig up the carcass, as that could be dangerous to your pet as well.

Why remove them?

The popular reason that most people want dead animals off their property is the smell. The smell of something dead can run even the most iron-stomached person out of their own home. Another reason is the diseases that animals like this can carry.

These are just a few tips for removing dead animals from your property. If you need help with animal removal in Lake Ridge or surrounding areas, make sure to call in the professionals at Summit Environmental Solutions for help today at 703-520-5868.

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