Top Reasons For Controlling Squirrels On Your Property This Fall

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While the squirrels hanging out on your property may seem harmless, cute, and furry, if they feel threatened they can be anything but. That is why it’s important to follow the tips for squirrel control in Loudoun County to keep them from taking over your property this fall. While these creatures are adorable, they will chew through every wire they can find and have been known to carry diseases, which can be transmitted to you if you are bitten. With that being said, read on below for a few of the top reasons for controlling the squirrels on your property this fall.

They could potentially attack you

While it’s nice to sit on your porch with your mug of coffee in the mornings and watch the squirrels frolic in your backyard, it is important to know that if provoked they will attack you. If you are bitten by a squirrel, then you need to make sure that you wash it out completely and seek a doctor’s attention. While a squirrel bite doesn’t carry infection, they have been known to transmit rabies to humans. It is best if you want a squirrel removed from your property to call in a company that deals in squirrel removal in Woodbridge, VA.

They can spread infectious diseases and carry ticks and fleas

If you do decide to handle the squirrel removal in Ashburn, VA yourself, then be sure to handle live and dead ones with gloves. Removing them without gloves can lead to you getting an infection from ticks or flea bites. It is estimated that many of the flying squirrels in America have ticks and fleas that can cause everything from infections to Lyme disease.

They can cause damage to your yard and home

Once the fall months come and the weather starts to cool, squirrels start looking for places to nest. Your attic is the perfect spot. It’s warm, dry, and very seldom used. The bad thing about this is that the squirrels will eat the wiring in your home. Chewed wiring can leave to fires and other hazards that can endanger the lives of you and your family. It’s best to have the squirrels on your property removed before the winter hits and avoid the dangers of them nesting in your attic completely.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should remove the squirrels from your property before the leaves start to fall this season. For more information on animal removal contact Summit Environmental Solutions today at 703-520-5868.

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