What is a GrateDrain?

The GrateDrain is an internal drainage system that aims at keeping your basement dry. This is basically an upgrade to the much antiquated French drain that some people might have in their older homes. GrateDrain products are specialty brand products that are only offered to a select few home improvement or waterproofing companies. For instance, we are the only company in Fredericksburg that offers these products because they are selective about who they choose to partner with.

It is a full-perimeter drainage system that prevents water from coming up from the basement floor. GrateDrain systems have dual chambers that work to collect groundwater faster than traditional drainage pipes. The groundwater is directed

The steps for installing a GrateDrain internal drainage system are as follows:

  1. The first step of the process is to access the job, once the crews and supplies arrive.
  2. Cover the items and floors with a clear plastic liner to avoid dust and debris from getting everywhere
  3. Find the location where the system will be placed based on the grid provided by the technician that sold the job
  4. Begin breaking up the flooring where the system will be placed. This is done with a jackhammer
  5. Remove the debris from flooring section that was just broken up
  6. Assemble the GrateDrain to custom fit the basement, do the initial layout with the flushports, GrateSump and put the GrateDrain liner on the walls
  7. Backfill the area where the flooring was removed with gravel/stone, set the final height on all components
  8. Install the flexiFlange
  9. Mix and pour the concrete to cover the GrateDrain system and the newly place stone and gravel mixture
  10. Begin the discharge line both in the basement and outside where the water will go. Backfill the area where the discharge line goes- if outside, fix grass
  11. Finalize the installation of the sump and the system
  12. Approve with the customer

The steps for this process might be slightly different depending on the type of flooring present in the basement, how big the basement area is and the size of the GrateDrain system (full or partial).

How long does it take to get a GrateDrain?

For this basement waterproofing procedure, it most often takes less than two days to install the GrateDrain, however, in some instances, it can take five days or more from start to finish. Partial GrateDrain systems usually take one to two day to complete, while a full system will take longer. The reasoning behind this is, the larger the basement, the more time it will take to complete the steps like breaking up the floor, doing the clean-out, filling with gravel and concrete. The steps that take the longest are the cleaning up of the broken floor, the dig-out and the concrete. Most of the other steps are simple and don’t take as long, especially when there is a team of at least three people working on it. Our team is dedicated to providing you excellent service and want to make sure they do the best work possible, while also keeping a timeline in mind and making sure they complete the task according to schedule.

How much does a GrateDrain system cost?

This question is best answered after one of our skilled waterproofing technicians visits your home during a free inspection and can give you an estimate for how much it will cost to get the work done. It is virtually impossible to give an estimate or price of work over the phone, because there are so many unknowns. We don’t know the square footage of the area, we don’t know if you need a partial or a full drain, we also don’t know how many days it will take. Because we build the system specifically for your home and your needs, there are many factors that go into the pricing and the technician will walk you through the process step by step and break down what each part of the process costs and if there can be any substitutions or steps of the process not completed in order to make it less expensive or time consuming.

What are the benefits of having a GrateDrain system?

  1. A GrateDrain system will keep your basement dry and protect it from flooding
  2. The system is state of the art and will add so much value to your home
  3. This is more advanced than a French drain
  4. We warranty our work and the system itself carries a warranty
  5. Our technicians are skilled and trained to ensure the best GrateDrain

At Summit, we are certified by Healthy Basement and Crawl Space (HBC) and we are the only licensed contractor in the area that works exclusively with the GrateProducts.

How do I know I need a GrateDrain system?

Basements and crawl spaces typically will have a sump pump in them to ensure water is properly filtered out and doesn’t cause flooding. Occasionally the sump pump can back up causing a flood to happen and causing damage, moisture and humidity problems to your basement or crawl space. The best thing to do if you are having waterproofing issues, is to call Summit Waterproofing to set up your free inspection and estimate. Sometimes you might need a new sump pump, a replacement sump pump battery or some other part or you might need a more extensive treatment using the GrateProducts.

In addition to the GrateDrain, there is something called the GrateTrench. The GrateTrench is for use around bulkheads, exterior doorways and sliding doors. It is a closed system with an air resistant value and can be used near hot water heaters and overflow tanks. The GrateTrench will help prevent water from entering the basement. The system is installed in the basement across from the exterior doorways where water could be entering from. The valve in the system is triggered by as little as two teaspoons of water, where the airtight valve will open and drain the water out of the basement.

If you have water pooling in your basement or you have a faulty sump pump, you might just be in need of waterproofing services. For more information about the products we use or the GrateProducts line, call us today and schedule a free estimate for your home in Northern Virginia.

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