When You No Longer See Bats, Have They Left Your Property?

Understanding that bat pest control is essential if you are to remove the danger of rabies and other potentially serious illnesses from your family and animals, just because you no longer see bats around your property, this does not mean they have left and gone away. Bat control in Stafford VA is just as important during the hibernating months as it is during the busy breeding periods.

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There is a tendency to believe that when you saw bats around your property and you decided to call your professional bat control in Stafford, VA, that when you no longer see them, that they have disappeared.

It is just important to contact us even when you no longer see the bats around your property because we can inspect your property and help you make decisions about eradicating or removing the bats to a safe area.

Once we have found their current living and hibernation area within your property, after removal, we can seal your property to prevent the bats from returning in the future.

What is White-Nose Syndrome?

Bats choose your attic or another area within your property as a safe place to hibernate because it is relatively quiet and safe from other predators. They may be woken, unexpectedly, when a white virus attaches to their nose and wings, and this is called white-nose syndrome.

Bat do not enjoy being woken from their hibernation. They may carry diseases that are not transferable to humans, but equally, they may be carrying rabies. They will be annoyed at being woken at the wrong time of the year, and this may force them to go out and source food and water from the easiest potential source.

Our bat control in Stafford, VA, will complete a humane removal of your bats from your attic or other properties within your yard. Just because you cannot see bats that you saw a 2 or 3 weeks ago, does not mean they have disappeared.

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