Where Do I Begin with Squirrel Removal?

Identifying the possibility that you have squirrels in the attic is cause to act very quickly! These little rascals cause a lot of damage by gnawing electrical wires, nesting in the insulation, and chewing the roof and structural beams.

In the Virginia area, we deal mostly with gray squirrels and flying squirrels; although there are a lot of different species of squirrels. And between the two species, it is much more difficult and very timely to rid your attic of flying squirrels. This process can take up to six weeks to complete.

Having said that, if you have squirrel problems, pray they are of the gray squirrel variety!

How does Summit Environmental Solutions, (SES), tackle squirrels in the attic? Every situation is different; therefore we always begin by doing a free inspection of your homes attic, eaves, and soffits to see exactly how they go in the home.

From here, we provide the homeowner with a non-obligatory estimate that outlines the costs for squirrel exclusion, disinfecting, repair, and finally making it so they cannot get back into the home. SES guarantees the work that we do during the exclusion for up to two years. And if another appointment is made to do an inspection of the work, the guarantee may be extended for another year.

If you should decide to tackle the problem yourself, whatever you do, don’t get a squirrel trapped inside of the attic as it will furiously gnaw its way out causing even more damage. I would recommend hiring a professional to get rid of squirrels.

This type of project is not one where you will find success in shopping around for great deals as they are almost always costly. SES offers a variety of funding options to meet any budgetary restraints to help ease the pain.

Squirrels may also invade the crawl space of the home too. But the most likely place they will make their home is the attic space. It comes furnished with the best nesting materials, aka insulation, and provides a nice safe place to have babies.

August begins mating season. This means pregnant squirrels are very active in finding a nice, cool space to have their litter.

Keep a good eye on squirrel activity around the home and if you see suspicious activity, call a professional immediately! This will ensure the least expensive remedy for these critters.

If you have additional questions about squirrel removal, contact us today.

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