Why Do Bats Live In Your Home?

A long list of wildlife and pests may choose your property for their home, but not many folks will expect bats to choose your attic to live, give birth and leave a considerable mess of feces that is dangerous to humans and pets. When you suspect bats have made a home within your property, call us for bat removal in Woodbridge VA.

Bats move into your home to find warmth

During the summer months, bats will enjoy moving into your home as they seek to find a break from the warmer weather, using the coolness of your attic and other areas of your property to provide a home for their family. When it becomes too warm in your attic, they may move and seek a resting place in your cooler air-conditioned rooms.

There are many problems associated with bats living within your property. Even in this modern era, they are known to pass rabies, particularly to your animals.

Many individuals panic when they see a bat, and while the bat may cause damage to your property as they fly around, individuals can be injured trying to avoid the movement of the bats.

Our service of bat removal in Woodbridge, VA, is essential because the bigger problem is where they deposit their feces. Those feces contains a variety of dangerous organisms, and this fungus can spread in the air and cause damage to an individual’s lungs and respiratory system.

The same feces can leave what looks like a mold on wood and other materials within your property. This can easily be passed from your hands or feet to other areas of your property and without your knowledge.

It is important that you contact bat removal in Woodbridge, VA when you suspect that bats may have moved into your property. They must be removed humanely and as soon as possible for the continued health of your family and visitors.

We are experts at cleaning the area after we have removed the bats and we can also carry out upgrades to your property to ensure that broken areas around your roofline are repaired so that bats cannot enter in the future.

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