Why Should I Fix My Crawl Space?

Balancing the costs and benefits of fixing a crawl space

before after crawl spaceNot many homeowners spend time thinking about their Crawl Space, as a  matter of fact, “out of sight, out of mind” has never rung truer when dealing with Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation.  In our industry, it’s not uncommon for a homeowner to allow rot, mold, and pests to continue to damage their Crawl Space for months, years, or more! That’s a lot of time to let the damage develop — and what an inconvenient situation to live with! If you’re planning on repairing the Crawl Space eventually anyway, the best time to repair is right now!

You can save money on your utility bills

Your Crawl Space can cost you a lot of money on your home’s utility bills.  This below-ground space stays cool year-round — and temperatures can drop even further if cold air is being vented into space during the winter months.

A cold environment in the Crawl Space will affect everything in the space that should stay warm — including your furnace, air ducts, water heater, and hot water pipes. As these utilities soak up the cold from the Crawl Space, they’ll be forced to work harder than ever just to perform their day-to-day work.

Sealing off the Crawl Space vents, installing an airtight door, and insulating the walls and floors is a great way to hold back the cold to minimize on this costly issue. Modern insulation products can do double duty — providing a Vapor Barrier and Insulation at the same time.

Prevent future expenses

A relatively small issue with your Crawl Space can quickly develop into a very significant issue in the future. As moisture, humidity, and structural damages continue to develop, they can lead to sagging floors, jamming or sticking doors, damaged Insulation within the Crawl Space, and a musty, moldy odor in the home.

Pests such as carpenter ants and termites love a dark environment filled with rotting wood, and they’ll be glad to move right in. Mice appreciate the damp, dark environment, and will use fiberglass insulation as nesting material. And as the structure continues to deteriorate, it will pull on the structure above, leading to cracks in the drywall.

If the problem is addressed early enough, a complete solution can often be applied in less than a day by our experts. This is the ideal option! Here at Summit Environmental Solutions (SES), we offer special financing if needed.

Create a healthier home

As your Crawl Space reaches 60% relative humidity, it becomes an ideal environment in which mold, dust mites, and mildew can grow. As these microorganisms grow, a musty, moldy smell will begin to fill the space, and the air will become laden with dust mite waste and mold spores.

If you show symptoms such a stuffy nose, headache, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, or allergic reactions that seem to go away shortly after leaving your home, there is a good chance that allergens are the issue.

Mold needs warmth, moisture, and food to survive — and it will always have access to warmth and food in your home. The easiest, most common-sense way to eliminate this problem is to waterproof the Crawl Space, seal it from outside moisture, and install a powerful, energy efficient dehumidifier.

Repairing your crawl space is painless! An SES Crawl Space expert can usually Repair a Crawl Space, start to finish, in less than a day.

Each completed installation includes a written warranty. This installation is transferable to the next owner of the home, which gives you a great edge when selling your home.

We’d like to meet with you to discuss what we can do to help you repair your crawl space and provide you with a free, written cost quote! To schedule an appointment with SES, contact us by phone or e-mail today! Call 703-520-5868.

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