Why the Number of Bats in Your Neighborhood is Probably Changing

The number of humans and animals, insects and other species that exist within our world is often balanced for a good reason. In recent years, bat numbers have changed, and their homes and locations have also altered which is why more bats are finding homes within family properties. As they bring a significant danger to the health of your family, any possibilities of bats in your property will ensure that you contact us for bat removal in Fredericksburg, VA.

Bat and the concern of White-Nose Syndrome

We too are concerned about white-nose syndrome. This is a fungal infection that can be found on bats during hibernation. The fungal growth on their wings and face acts like a virus and wakes the bats from their hibernation. This means that they need to eat urgently and the food is not always available when they wake during winter.

Bats are part of the ecosystem as they are pollinators, like bees. They distribute seeds within their feces and eat insects. We know and understand that the disappearance of bees will devastate the world. The lack of bats will cause similar problems.

Bat removal in Fredericksburg VA is essential but must be completed humanely. To kill bats is not the way forward and as many are an endangered species, it is illegal to kill them on purpose. The bats must be removed to a safe location, and we are experienced to be able to complete this task regularly.

Should you find you have a bat problem within your property, our bat removal in Fredericksburg, VA, can be provided at very short notice. Whether it is your home, business or an organization that is infested, we will be able to remove the bats after assessing the difficulty.

We also provide ways to complete the task and ensure the bats do not invade your property in the future. We will inspect your property and complete any necessary improvements to your property which block holes and other access points, ensuring the bats cannot find a way into your property on their return.

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