Why you must hire the best professionals to set rat traps

Hardware stores sell rat traps, ant traps and a variety of equipment, chemicals and bait so that you can catch bugs and pests and remove them from your property. They know you will spend far too much money and only become moderately successful with your tasks. It is better to employ professional experts, such as ourselves, who provide excellent services for animal control in Loudoun County.

Will you be successful?

While you may catch some of your targets, it is doubtful that you will eradicate the problem long-term. You will also need to provide suitable methods and planning, to stop these bugs and pests from invading your property again.

With bigger wildlife, like raccoons and squirrels, you face a different dilemma. You may require our animal control in Loudoun County services because unless you are extremely lucky, only professionals will understand how to remove this dangerous wildlife from your property. It is the diseases that these animals bring to you and your family and your household pets, that can become life-threatening, that most worry about.

Can you collect all the rats?

Rats do not automatically seek to live in a squalid environment, initially, they set out to find somewhere that provides them with food and water and a safe shelter. Where dog feces are left in your yard, and most dog food contains corn, this is passed through their system and is a favorite food and attraction for rats.

Rats may be one of the easier pests to catch, but you may suffer difficulties in removing them from your property, along with their feces and dirty bacteria. We know, from experience, that it is very difficult to clear up the mess that the rats leave behind, including their own rotting bodies.

As your local animal control in Loudoun County, we know how to deal with rats by using effective traps, cages, and snaps and using bait they are attracted to. We know where they will look to hide within your property and can help you remove them at the earliest possible time.

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