Why You Need Professional Animal Control To Remove Raccoons?

Wild raccoons are common in most parts of northern Virginia. They are known for the tendency to enter into households surrounding their habitat. Several house owners have reported intermittent raccoon intrusion into their properties in the past few years. Animal experts believe that it is best to call on professional animal removal services of a reputed company whenever there is a wild raccoon sighting around the property. 

Why are raccoons dangerous?

While most unsuspecting house owners might find raccoons fluffy and cute, these creatures are potentially very dangerous. Especially for houses where there are children and pets, raccoons pose a significant threat to the environment.

It is strictly advisable not to make attempts at taking a wild raccoon as a pet to the house. Raccoons are known to carry dangerous germs. The consequences could be unpredictable and harmful on most occasions. Another major demerit of raccoons is in the harm that they cause to the garden or landscaping of the property. It is characteristic of raccoons to spread garbage around the property and eat landscape. This is often the reason as to why raccoons often break into properties that have some form of landscaping.

Safe raccoon removal

House owners often try to do away with raccoons by themselves. Even if they temporarily manage to remove raccoons from their properties, there is every chance for these creatures to stage a re-entry. The best possible method of removing raccoons from properties is through relocation.

However, it is of utmost importance that house occupants do not try to relocate raccoons by themselves. Firstly, this might be dangerous for both the humans and the animals involved in the act. Then, it might also be illegal for non-licensed entities to trap a wild animal.

When it comes to evacuating raccoons, only licensed and renowned pest and animal removal companies are to be taken into confidence. The animal control company will send trained and equipped animal rescue experts to any house that reports an animal sighting. Most companies have a swift turnaround and send a team of experts immediately.

Why should you hire the experts?

Humane raccoon removalA major positive in seeking professional services in raccoon evacuation is in the way the animal removal experts conduct business. They take the raccoons miles away from the house and relocate them into an area with thin or no human population. This erases any chance of these pests finding their way back into the property. Additionally, the experts also carry out the operation in a humane and professional manner.

If there are raccoons in your chimney, attic or at other places in your property, call on Summit Environmental Solutions without delay.

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