Why You Should Not DIY

Home Improvement and Remodeling In Northern Virginia

DIY or do it yourself, is a huge trend that people take advantage of to save them some money. People try home remedies for removing pests, deterring animals, making improvements or changes to their home, but sometimes the best thing to do is to trust the professional. Not only will results be better, but more often than not, the professional will be able to complete the project more quickly and efficiently than you can.

While some projects may seem easy and be something you can handle, the task may end up costing more than expected, or you might get burnt out before the project is done. In addition, professionals will exercise necessary safety precautions such as wearing proper safety equipment. For example, some people may take on a DIY attic insulation job. In fact some home improvement stores have promotions that persuade customers to do their own insulation. The customer will purchase the products thinking they have the means to do the project and might find that they didn’t actually install the insulation correctly and might have to hire someone to fix it.

Wildlife Removal:

Do you have a squirrel in your attic or a bird in your vent? Seems like a pretty easy task, right? When it comes to animal removal, you have to think about multiple things, such as the safety of the animal, the safety of you and the people in your home and the health and wellbeing of your home too. In many circumstances, trapping requires special licenses and equipment. There are specifications and rules that go along with trapping. In the state of Virginia, there are certain animals that are illegal to trap or exclude and others that are illegal to relocate. Wildlife removal involves a lot more than most people think and tends to be difficult and can even be dangerous due to the unpredictability of wild animals. Trapping is not always the most effective way to remove certain types of animals, there are other treatment plans that will act to deter the animals. In addition to animal removal being challenging, at home traps and devices are not as effective as what the professionals have.

Pest Control: 

Pest control is more challenging than most people think. It is in fact a science, from identifying the pest to coming up with the best treatment for the pest, it involves extensive knowledge and background of insects and other pests. Treatments are more effective if completed by a pest control specialist, because they have access to stronger chemicals that aren’t available for purchase by unlicensed individuals. Not only is hiring a pest specialist the wise thing to do, it is the safe thing to do. Some of the chemicals and equipment such as mouse traps and rodenticide can harm you and your family members including pets if applied incorrectly.

Home Improvement: 

Home improvement tasks such as roof repairs and replacements, basement waterproofing and insulation, are no small feat. It can be challenging to make sure you get the right materials, have the proper equipment and have the motivation and drive to finish the job. Some of the projects are labor intensive, take a lot of time and can be expensive, especially if it is something that can be easily messed up. For the most part, people will learn how to do certain things from other people or from watching videos. YouTube is a great education resource and platform, but some videos aren’t meant to teach you how to do something, but rather show you how a professional does it. For example, our channel is not meant to show people how they can trap animals, fix roofs, install insulation or do waterproofing services on their own, but it is there to show our audience what options they have and how their problems can be solved with the services we offer. In addition to projects being difficult, sometimes they require permits that can be difficult to obtain by an individual.

Some projects can even be dangerous to complete, especially those involving wildlife. Trapping can be risky, because animals are often unpredictable in their actions and behavior and might bite or scratch potentially causing the spread of diseases. Traps can also be difficult to set and dangerous if they go off  With pest control, chemicals pose a potential risk. Home improvement projects are probably the most obviously dangerous. Whether it’s climbing on ladders to check the roof or using heavy machinery, you might get hurt. Some products too can cause health problems, for instance insulation.

While some DIY projects are great, simple and easily completed, most are not. Professionals warranty their work and if there is an issue with the work that was done, they can fix it as part of the warranty. Work done professionally tends to last longer and be more effective than someone who is a novice. Videos and other tutorials are often not as comprehensive as they need to be and small, yet important steps might be left out from the project. If you hire a professional to do the job, they will properly diagnose the problem and determine the best solution.

To reiterate the reasons why you shouldn’t DIY, here is a list:

  1. Some projects require certifications, licenses or permits
  2. Projects can be difficult and labor intensive
  3. DIY tutorials aren’t always the best help
  4. Projects can be dangerous
  5. Professional offer warranties on their work
  6. Work done by professionals will last longer and be better quality

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