Why You Should Not Touch Bat Feces

You might be tempted to clean up bat feces when you find the mess around your property. Unless you know how to complete this task successfully, you may be providing yourself with the danger of connecting with bacteria that can easily be passed around your family. Contact bat control in Loudoun County, and we will be able to remove the danger and the source.

Professional clean up is safer for you and your family

Having experience of both cleanup and removal of bats from every type of residence and yard possible, we have the full knowledge and expertise to be able to remove the danger from your property without risk to the individuals living in your home.

Bat control in Loudoun County will include an inspection of your property to find out how bats were entering your property. From this, we will be able to make recommendations and carry out the necessary improvements to ensure that your property is sealed against future invasion.

Why is bat guano so dangerous?

With symptoms, similar to the flu, you may receive a lung disease direct from the fungus, Histoplasma, which is a direct result of spores in the feces and the air from bats who have been living in your property.

The professionals from bat control in Loudoun County will use full hazmat suits and respirators together with protective eye apparatus to ensure that the fungus that can find a home in eyes and lungs cannot be inhaled. Do not purchase dust masks to try and carry out this work yourself because a full respirator is required. Through our expertise, the feces that we remove is disposed of as hazardous waste, because it is so dangerous.

We will clean the area and provide a fungicide that removes the fungus that may be hidden within your property. This is like a black mold, and you may not be able to see it when it is growing inside the wood and other materials.

At your request, we will test the area to ensure that the air is clear so that your family will know when it is safe to return.

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