Wild Animal Removal: Professionals Do it Best

Problems with wild animals

The presence of wild animals like squirrelsskunkssnakes, and raccoons inside a residential property can be a mess. They may cause discomfort by leaving unpleasant odors, waking homeowners in the middle of the night and embarrassing them before visitors. Apart from this, wild creatures also pose a danger to human health. Snake bites can be fatal and other animal bites might cause diseases like rabies. Rodents are carriers of transmittable bugs. Animal waste, upon accumulation, leads to foul smell and might facilitate mold growth. This might lead to respiratory challenges in humans.

Rodents cause damage and carry bugs

Rodents like squirrels and raccoons are known to cause damage to electrical wiring and other devices in the home. At the same time, they also carry insects like mites, ticks, and fleas. Without professional animal control, these bugs can easily enter residential properties. Squirrels take a great liking for electrical wires. On many occasions, they bite into wires and ignite a fire. These rodents also multiply very fast and before long they can raise an entire family inside house attics. This only raises the cost of repairing the damage that they inflict upon the house.

Snakes are life-threatening

A snake inside the house never evokes a pleasant feeling. Though most snakes are non-venomous, some snakes in Northern Virginia are extremely dangerous. Snakes often prefer dark corners. This makes it difficult to spot them. Besides, they are often found in gardens and lawns; where kids and pets play. Snake bites cause severe pain, mild nervous impairment, paralysis and in the worst cases, even death. If snakes are noticed around residential properties, homeowners should immediately call a professional animal control company to take the snake away from the area. House occupants should never try to remove snakes by themselves.

Dealing with wild animals

It is illegal to harm or tame a wild animal. House occupants should always avoid coming in direct contact with wild animals. The best way to handle wild animals is with the help of a local animal removal company. The animal control company will send a team of evacuation experts immediately after receiving a call. Depending on the type of animal that has been reported, the experts will bring the right equipment for animal removal. Most animal removal companies use only humane methods while capturing animals. The animals are then taken far away from the house in a place that resembles their natural habitat.

If you notice a wild animal in your house, call Summit Environmental Solutions today.

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