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Reviewed By:Theresa H

April 01st, 2017 12:04:14:pm

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I give this company 5 stars overall. I was in desperate need for a roof repair because part of my ridge vent had broken off due to heavy wind about three to four weeks ago. After noticing a round wet spot on my ceiling in the sunroom I immediately panicked. I immediately searched the website for roof repair in my area and everyone I called either asked me to take a picture to send to them or it would be a week before they could get out to my home. Desperate because of heavy rain projected on Friday, 31 Mar 17 I decided to search Home Advisor and BINGO, Summit Environmental Solutions, Inc to the rescue. Mr. Chris Hornberger, Senior Technician came out on Thursday, 30 March 17, did a complete assessment, explained the problem and exactly where the leak was. Not only did he explain the assessment he also informed me I would need to get the area showing the leak on my ceiling cut out and assess the wetness because mole could grow in that area. He called his office and was told they would have someone out early Friday morning. Friday morning I awake and it’s pouring down raining. I was extremely nervous that they would have to cancel because of the rain. However, at exactly 7:45 am I received a text from Donna who is just awesome in keeping you informed, letting me know the roofing crew will be picking up material by 8 am and should arrive at my residence by 9:00. 9:00 am my door bell rings and there they were two gentleman arrives with the 10 ft ridge vent and they did an excellent job. They were professional, polite, and looked clean. I am one happy camper! Thanks Home Advisor and Summit Environmental Solutions, Inc. You both are KEEPERS for future emergencies or I just a project completed! It is so hard to find TRUE PROFESSIONALS!

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