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Reviewed By:Morris C

March 30th, 2015 12:03:04:pm

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My deck (three story condo stacked deck) was in bad need of repair. No maintenance had ever been performed on the deck, so after 9 years it was a disaster waiting to happen. I called Summit Environmental Solutions and they showed at my condo as scheduled (on time), assessed the deck, told me what needed to be repaired, and how the work was going to be performed. They gave me that best price out of call the contractors that I reached out to for the deck repair work. Here is the best news; Summit Environmental Solutions practically rebuild the entire deck (which was needed). They replaced all the floorboards, the top railing, and the lower railing. They reattached all the spokes connecting the upper and lower railing. They also secured the deck so that it no longer feels shaky and the railing is now secure and sturdy. They did all the work from outside, they did not request entry into my condo not once. That meant I did not have to be there for them to repair the deck. The deck now looks great and feels great. In addition, the customer service was excellent as well. They keep me informed on the progress of the work and they stayed within their stated cost and timeframe. I highly recommend Summit Environmental Solutions for their professionalism, work performance, and finished product????????????????????????

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