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Reviewed By:Susan H.

Location:Susan H.

July 09th, 2021 12:07:30:pm


I received excellent service from Ernie who removed a baby male sparrow who found its way into my small heater furnace and air conditioning room and then got stuck face and body down on three of my stickey trays that I had previously put on the floor. The dear bird was barely alive and Ernie took it outside and used my corn oil to extremely gently remove the little bird from the stickey trays. Then he held the weak dehydrated bird and lifted him over my birdbath to let him drink plenty of water. Ernie saved this bird’s life! Then he placed the bird under my bushes. After just a few minutes we discovered the bird must have moved himself since we could not see him anymore. We think that he was still too young to fly away. The old hymn of the Church is called His Eye Is On The Sparrow, and says “I knoe He watches me!” Then Ernie expertly located two birds nests and small entry holes on my rooftop and took photos showing their debris. Workers from Summit will come to pull out the bird nests and fill the holes leading into my home and rooftop area with a certain material. Thank you so very much Ernie!

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