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Reviewed By:Michelle F.

Location:Michelle F.

July 05th, 2021 12:07:57:pm


The mosquitoes in my backyard have been unbearable the last few summers. My husband and I called Summit to come out and do a mosquito treatment. Brian has been so kind, caring, and attentive! Even through re-scheduling appointments due to inclement weather, Brian and the rest of the team at Summit have been on top of it and professional. It’s been so wonderful to be able use my back deck again without having to coat myself in bug spray and light a million citronella candles. We have a bunch of friends coming over for the 4th of July and I don’t have to be embarrassed or worry about them getting chewed up by mosquitoes! Thank you, Summit!! I will certainly continue to recommend Summit’s services to any and everyone that I can!

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