Attic Insulation in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax, VA

Attic Insulation in Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA

Insulation is in attics, roofs, ceilings, walls and floors and acts as a barrier for the hot and cold air. Insulation naturally regulates the temperature of your home, ensuring it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. By regulating the temperature of the home, the home will be more comfortable for the occupants and will save you money in your heat and air conditioning costs.

Insulation makes homes more energy efficient. Less heat and a/c is escaping the home, when there is proper insulation. Installing insulation is the most effective thing you can do for your home to save money. Another thing about heat is that it rises, so your home can lose a lot of heat through the attic space in the winter, if it’s not properly insulated. Insulation can save homeowners on average 15% on heating cost and 11% on total energy costs. Approximately 90% of all single family homes in the United States are not properly insulated.

Types of Attic Insulation

There are various types of insulation to fit the needs and goals of the home and customer and the location the insulation needs to be installed. These are the types of insulation we work with at Summit and will use for your attic insulation project.

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  • Blanket (batts and rolls)
  • Foam board or rigid foam
  • Spray foam
  • Loose-fill/ blown in (cellulose)

Which Insulation Does my Home Require?

The thickness of the insulation needed is determined by a factor called the R-value. The R in R-value stands for the resistance to heat flow. The R-value is how well the building’s insulation prevents the flow of heat in and out of the building. Insulations with higher R-value perform better. With better efficiency and performance, there will also be higher price associated with the higher R-value insulation. The ratings of the R-level are measured per inch of thickness and the ratings can tell you how well the insulation will keep the heat from escaping your home. Some factors that go into determining R-value are the thickness and density, temperature, aging and moisture accumulation in the home.

Insulation Requirements for Virginia

There are specific requirements when it comes to insulation that differs between states. When it comes to insulation regulations, states are sectioned into zones based on their climate. Virginia is part of zone four and an uninsulated attic in this zone  will require R-38-R-60 insulation. Summit recommends R-49 for attic spaces, if the attic space can accommodate that depth of insulation.  Some spaces are too restricted to meet the R-49 insulation level, in which case, Summit will install as much R-value as the space allows for your home. 

Attic Insulation Process丨Summit Environmental Solutions

The first step of getting new attic insulation is to have an inspection done. Summit offers a free inspection for insulation where the technician will do measurements of the space and determine the best kind of insulation for your situation and the price of the job. trust Summit to get the job done efficiently, effectively. Insulation jobs usually can be done in one day, depending on how many sections of your home require insulation, what type of insulation is being used and the number of technicians working on the job. Another factor of how long the insulation job might take is how much work needs to be done in the attic space prior to the insulation being installed. For example, sometimes customers already have old insulation that will need to be removed and there might be other debris that will need to be removed before new, clean insulation is installed.

Animal and Pest Damaged Insulation

If you have had animals (like bats, raccoons, or squirrels) or pests (mice or rats) living in your attic, they might have caused damage to your insulation. Wildlife and pests will tear up insulation, nest in it or even urinate and defecate in it. Not only will your insulation not be as effective, but it will also smell unpleasant and wildlife feces can have bacteria in it that can cause diseases or viruses to spread to you or members of your household. Summit can remove the old, damaged insulation that the wildlife or pests might have caused and thoroughly disinfect the area before installing new insulation. We can also find where the wildlife or pest gained entry into your property and do a seal out to make sure nothing else can get back in and ruin your new insulation.  If the wildlife is still present, Summit Wildlife Removal offers removal services that will be completed before any insulation or seal out is completed. 

How Much does Insulation Cost in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax, VA?

The price of insulation is constantly changing and the cost varies between types of insulation. For example, the price of spray foam varies greatly from the cost of batted or blown-in insulation. The price differs between R-values as well making the cost a challenge to determine without doing a proper inspection first. In addition to the cost of materials, we will not be able to accurately know how much labor will need to be done, whether there is a lot of clean-up and sterilization to do prior to the new install or if there is minimal clean-up. Our free attic insulation inspections will help the technician gather necessary information such as measurement of the space, type of required or desired insulation, the amount of insulation required for the job, approximately how long the job will take and the estimate for the job cost total.

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