Roof Repairs in Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA

Roof Repairs & Replacements in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA

Your roof might need repair if it was subject to hail damage, damage from animals or has simply experienced wear and tear from being exposed to the elements over the years. It is normal to lose shingles from time to time and need to get them replaced. Shingles repairs can be as simple as replacing a few shingles or patching a hole, or it can be more difficult, invasive and time consuming. Roof repairs should be done as often as needed to prolong the life and need for repair for your roof.

Roof Replacements in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA

A roof typically lasts anywhere from 25 to 30 years, depending on what the roof is made of and what the typical elements that the roof is exposed to on a regular basis. For instance, if a roof is exposed to hail, extreme wind or excessive amounts of snow, sleet or freezing rain, it will more likely experience more damage than a roof that isn’t exposed to those harsh elements.

What are the Most Common Ways Roofs Get Damaged?

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  • Damage from excessive moisture
  • Punctures and cracks from poor installation and maintenance
  • Loose and broken shingles-age naturally with time and become weak
  • Structural damage-the roof buckles, tilts and shifts over time

How Much Does a New Roof Cost? 

This is dependent on the type of roof you get, such as what type of materials are used and how much of the material is needed to complete the job. Oftentimes, roof replacements might be covered under your homeowners insurance if the replacement is needed due to something like hail damage and occasionally from animal damage. Your insurance however will not pay for simple repairs due to wear and tear damage.

How Long Does it Take to Get a New Roof?丨Summit Environmental Solutions

Typically a new roof takes just one day to put on, but again it is dependent on some factors, like the size of the roof, materials used and the number of technicians working on the project. The process for a roof repair or replacement goes as follows: the customer will call for an estimate and the skilled technician will inspect the roof for damages and determine what needs to be done. A schedule date will be given to the customer and then the technicians will gather the necessary supplies for your new roof or for your repairs. While the repairs are going on, it can be a very loud process, but you won’t have to leave your home unless you choose to do so. For roof repairs it is usually just a few hours to get everything taken care of, but again, the time spent on the work is dependent on exactly what needs to be done for your unique situation.

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