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Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Fredericksburg, Alexandria, Arlington and Northern Virginia

Concrete Lifting Near Me

Summit Environmental Solutions is your trusted expert in concrete lifting services for both commercial and residential properties across Northern Virginia including Fredericksburg, Alexadnria, Arlington,Stafford.

Concrete lifting, commonly known as slab jacking or mudjacking, is a procedure for correcting uneven and settled concrete slabs. This technique not only restores your concrete surfaces to their original level but also prevents further damage and potential safety hazards caused by unevenness.

At Summit, we specialize in efficiently lifting your concrete to enhance the safety, appearance, and longevity of your property. Don’t let sunken concrete pose a risk or diminish the value of your property—call us today at 703-884-2124.

What is Concrete Lifting?  

Concrete lifting, often referred to as slab jacking or mudjacking, is a repair technique used to correct uneven concrete surfaces. This method involves injecting a grout mixture or a polyurethane foam under the concrete slab that has settled or sunk. The injected material fills the voids beneath the concrete slab, providing lift and stabilizing the substrate, which in turn levels the surface. 

This process is commonly applied to various types of concrete installations such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, and even foundations. Concrete lifting is considered a cost-effective and less disruptive alternative to replacing entire concrete slabs. It also offers the benefit of being a quicker solution with areas typically being usable shortly after the procedure is completed. 

How is Concrete Lifting Done?

At Summit Environmental Solutions, we follow a meticulous and proven process for concrete lifting, ensuring every step is executed with precision to achieve the best results. Here’s a detailed look at our concrete lifting process:

Our concrete lifting and leveling experts begin by thoroughly inspecting the affected concrete area to determine the extent of the settling and to identify the underlying causes. This initial assessment helps us plan the most effective lifting strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Once we have mapped out our approach, small holes are strategically drilled into the sunken concrete slab. These holes are carefully placed to maximize lift and ensure even distribution of the lifting material.

Through the holes, we inject a specially formulated grout or polyurethane foam, depending on the requirements of the job and the preferences of the client. The material expands beneath the slab, gently raising it back to its original level.

As the material is injected, we closely monitor the lift to ensure the slab is raised to the correct height and that it is perfectly level. This step is crucial for avoiding overcorrection and ensuring a smooth, flat surface.

After the concrete has been lifted and leveled, we seal the drilled holes with a strong, durable compound that matches the existing concrete. The surface is then cleaned and finished to blend seamlessly with the surrounding area.

The entire concrete lifting process typically takes a few hours to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the project. This quick turnaround time allows you to use the repaired surface the same day, minimizing disruption to your home or business.

Is Concrete Lifting Worth It?

Choosing concrete lifting from Summit Environmental Solutions presents a range of advantages over the more traditional method of replacing concrete.  For one, it is more cost-effective, avoiding the high expenses of tearing out and replacing old slabs. This not only saves on materials and labor, but also significantly reduces disruption and downtime. Your treated areas can be put back into use almost immediately, unlike the lengthy hardening times required for new concrete. 

Concrete lifting is also better for the environment. Instead of contributing to landfill waste by disposing of old concrete, the existing material is preserved and repositioned, reducing environmental impact. Concrete lifting extends the usable lifespan of concrete slabs, ensuring they remain functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come on your commercial or residential property. 

Residential Concrete Lifting Near Me 

For residential properties, concrete lifting is often employed to address issues in concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios and pool decks. Over time, residential concrete can experience settling due to soil erosion or compaction, leading to uneven surfaces that pose tripping hazards and diminish the property’s curb appeal. By choosing concrete lifting, homeowners can quickly and efficiently correct these issues without the need for extensive construction, keeping their outdoor living spaces both safe and attractive. 

Commercial Concrete Lifting Near Me 

In commercial environments, the applications of concrete lifting expand to include larger scale projects such as parking lots, warehouse floors, and building foundations. Commercial properties often face stringent safety regulations that require flat, stable surfaces to ensure the safety of customers and employees alike. Additionally, uneven concrete in commercial settings can lead to significant operational disruptions and potential liability issues. Concrete lifting offers a rapid response solution that minimizes business interruption and restores commercial spaces to optimal functionality, all while ensuring compliance with safety standards. 

Both residential and commercial concrete lifting provide a swift and economical alternative to concrete replacement, maintaining structural integrity and extending the life of existing concrete installations. Contact Summit Environmental Solutions for the best residential and commercial concrete lifting services in Fredericksburg, Alexandria, Arlington, and other areas around Northern Virginia by calling 703-884-2124

How Much Does Concrete Lifting Cost? 

The cost of concrete lifting can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the area, the extent of the settling/sinking, and more. To get a detailed quote that reflects the specifics of your project, contact us at 703-884-2124 for a free estimate.

Where in Virginia Does Summit Provide Concrete Lifting?

  • Aldie
    Dunn Loring
    Fairfax Station
    Falls Church
    Fort Belvoir
    Great Falls
    King George
    Mount Vernon


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