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Chris B.

April 15th, 2022 | Alexandria, VA

Remove all insulation. Spray insulation foam to seal all penetrations from HVAC, wiring, plumbing. Seal up triangular area on the side wall connecting to next door home. Install baffles. Insulate and weatherstrip attic hatch. Sanitize the entire attic. Blow in All new cellulose insulation to a depth of 14 inches. R49. …


Stephanie B.

April 14th, 2022 | Alexandria, VA

Removal all of the batted fiberglass insulation in the main attic space. Include removal and disinfection (Sterifab) of the mouse fecal matter. Air seal gaps and conduit lines for energy efficiency. Install weather stripping at the entry point. Install baffles at the front soffit lines and around the hvac unit. …


Anna G.

April 06th, 2022 | Alexandria, VA

Remove 3 pieces of damaged wood and any bird debris on back deck. Install new pressure treated wood and paint, customer has paint to match.


Richard C.

April 06th, 2022 | Alexandria, VA

Remove gutter guard, and soffit as indicated by technician to remove debris and sanitize. Reinstall soffit and gutters after area has been cleaned. Seal entry point on gutter guard with white sheet metal.


Sanjana S.

April 05th, 2022 | Herndon, VA

Remove all insulation. Use spray foam insulation to seal all cracks and crevices and penetrations from electrical wires, plumbing, and HVAC. Sanitize entire attic. Install baffles to keep insulation in proper place. Insulate and weatherstrip attic hatch. Blow in all new cellulose insulation to a depth 14 inches. R49 value.


Brian M.

March 31st, 2022 | Arlington, VA

Remove all boards attached to attic floor. After removal stack boards in corner of attic. Sanitize any areas that show signs of wildlife activity. Remove all blown in fiberglass insulation. No insulation will be added after removal.


Joyce S.

March 30th, 2022 | Falls Church, VA

Remove all accessible batted insulation and indicated items from the attic space. Floor boards and insulation under floor boards will remain in place. Floor boards will be swept of roof debris as best as possible. Air seal accessible gaps and conduit lines with spray foam insulation. Use Sterifab to disinfect …


Ada B.

March 24th, 2022 | Alexandria, VA

Remove all of the blown in insulation and any trash in the attic space. Air seal gaps and conduit lines with closed cell spray foam for energy efficiency. Use Steirfab to disinfect the attic space. Use copper cloth on possible entry points for mice in the attic space. Install baffles …


Erin H.

March 23rd, 2022 | Fredericksburg, VA

Inspection revealed supply and return trunks from garage attic space into main attic are completely uninsulated and the direct cause of condensation. Customer will remove section of drywall in closet and bedroom to locate area to be insulated. Drywall will need to be removed where trunks enter wall cavity to …


Cynthia P.

March 15th, 2022 | Fredericksburg, VA

Remove old metal ridge vent, replace shingles and synthetic underlayment near the ridge vent. Install new shingled ridge vent with new black capped shingles. Remove old shingles as indicated by technician. Replace synthetic underlayment Replace 4×8 area of shingles and plywood near chimney on west side of home that runs …


Barbara B.

March 14th, 2022 | Clifton, VA

Remove all accessible insulation and fecal matter. Sterifab entire attic space to disinfect and treat for mites, lice, and bacteria. Use a deodorizing spray to treat for the Install new baffles at the soffit lines. Install baffles around entry point. Air seal any crack, gap, or conduit line to prevent …


Haihong Y.

March 14th, 2022 | Herdon, VA

Remove all soiled batted and blown installation from attic space. Spray droppings down and remove with debris. Sanitize attic space Air seal attic space to help exclude mice and rodents. Add baffeling for attic ventilation Add 14” of blown cellulose to attic space r-49. Insulate attic opening as well


Chirstina M.

March 09th, 2022 | Fredericksburg, VA

Inadequate blown cellulose in attic and some bare spots. Some rodent activity noted. Average R value is approximately R20 at best. Blow over 5 inches of cellulose through entire attic space to bring up to R40+ Replace damaged hatch cover with new white PVC cover, weather stripping and baffles around hatch …


Kenneth B.

March 03rd, 2022 | Falls Church, VA

Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to entire rim joist. Customer will move any items away from walls prior to work commencing. SES will avoid the chimney space and gas line running to fire place.


Jim V.

March 02nd, 2022 | Burke, VA

Remove batted fiberglass insulation from the rear side of the attic space. Install can light covers over recess lights. Use spray foam to air seal gaps and conduit lines. Install baffles at soffit lines and along storage area. Blow in new cellulose insulation to R49 (14 inches). Remove batted fiberglass glass …


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